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The company has been focusing on the research and application of electro-acoustic and audio technology, so that the company has always been at the forefront of the industry, leading the development of the audio industry "professional civilianization". M + is an independent brand of Tianpu Company, covering the audio box, (digital) power amplifier, audio decoding, sound effect processing, microphone amplification and other product categories, facing the profession. Home shadow, outdoor three major audio markets, constantly provide high-quality products and services, with a large number of domestic and foreign users, with considerable strength and scale. In recent years, the company has actively explored the application of "Internet +" and "made in China 2025" in product design, manufacturing, business and service links, and upgraded the production line workshop with capacity of 3 million units, integrating new technologies such as digitalization, intelligentization, Internet of things, and so on. Diversified services are closely integrated to actively build an intelligent ecological platform for the Tianpu audio industry. 

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